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TimeBank Indianapolis

Why join Time Bank Indianapolis?

  • Get to know your neighbors

  • Be part of a community­‐wide circle of giving and receiving

  • Instead of paying for services, neighbors do them at no cost

  • It’s FREE

What is TimeBanking?

TimeBanking is a way of valuing time equally and increasing access to wealth and community...based on a gift or sharing economy.

TimeBank Indy is a volunteer­‐led initiative that is creating a community-wide circle of giving. You volunteer your time and talents and receive, in return, help with your needs. Think of a babysitting pool where parents swap childcare services. TimeBanking expands that idea to create networks of giving & receiving.

How does it work?

If you need something done, you make a request to your neighbors for some of their time via the TimeBank. Other neighbors who are willing to help out respond to your request – and the circle of giving begins...

For every hour you invest doing something for someone, you receive a “TimeBank Credit” for one hour...You exchange your “credit hour” later for an hour of service from anyone else in the TimeBank (not just from the person for whom you did something). That person then receives an hour in their “TimeBank account” and the circle continues...

Services could be receiving help around the house, lessons, companionship, transportation, sharing of garden tools, etc. The possibilities are limited only by imagination!

Hours may also be exchanged for group and community projects – either donating hours to a project or earning hours volunteering time for a project. Projects are built around any requests in the community including education, medical care, elder care, youth, social justice. 

An organized way to “pay it forward” through a network of neighbors helping neighbors

Vision Statement

Our vision is to value time equally and increase access to wealth & community

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a community-wide circle of giving to encourage people to share their talents and receive, in return, help with their unmet needs. 


In carrying out our mission, we have identified the following tangible goals:

  • Meeting real needs of people in our community
  • Increasing access to services and resources for all individuals in our community
  • Identifying and putting to good use any underutilized resources in the community
  • Valuing all members of the community, encouraging particularly disenfranchised groups or individuals to identify the value they have to offer in spite of any real or perceived limitations
  • Enabling a way of giving and receiving that encourages neighbors helping neighbors
  • Creating connections and new relationships through the sharing of skills
  • Strengthening our community based on reciprocity and equality

Guiding Principles / Values

The five core guiding principles underlying our vision and mission are:

We all have something to offer: In our "sharing economy" we value everyone's time equally. Equality helps us build strong relationships.

We redefine work: We value work that the market doesn't. Everyone benefits when we raise healthy children, build strong families, revitalize neighborhoods, live sustainably, and foster social justice. We recognize and reward this work.

Reciprocity: Helping is a two way street. We ask, "How can we help each other build the world we all want to live in?" The community we create offers a greater reward than the sum of the work done.

Social Networks: We need each other. Alone, we are limited in what we can achieve. When we help each other, we reweave communities of support, strength and trust. We sink roots, and create special relationships that lead to action.

Respect: We respect where people are now, in this moment. Everyone matters, has something to offer as well as unmet needs. When respect is denied to anyone, we all suffer.

Steps for Getting Started with our TimeBank:

  1. Create a new login and you will be sent a notification email. (Please check your spam folder if you do not see it quickly.)
  2. Confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the notification;
  3. Please fill out your member profile.
    [New members with a completed profile will received 2 Time Bank hours in their account!]
    [If you include a photo in your profile, we will credit you an extra hour as this is an easy way for people to know you at pitch-ins, events and projects!]
  4. Acknowledge our Terms of Service
  5. Check out existing a Reqeusts for Services, or create your own Request!

All members will eventually be required to attend an Orientation. We will be holding these on a monthly basis in 2016.  Dates & times will be posted under Events in our TimeBank, our website and our Facebook page.  

Time will also be credited to your account for attending. These orientations are a great way to get to know other members, so when you ask for or receive a service, you have real people to associate with online profiles!]  We look forward to meeting you face to face!   

Get involved in our launch efforts - time credits can be earned for your help!

What is going on in 2016 in Indianapolis?

  • We are LIVE!
  • We will be focusing on a couple key "pilot" neighborhoods and/or projects, to build a stronger foundation for our TimeBank.  More info to come...

Where can I learn more?