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TimeBank Indianapolis

What kinds of things can I ask for or offer?

What kinds of things can I ask for or offer?

What is the range of “typical” requests in a Time Bank? And, how exactly do you “word” a request or offer? As you can see from the examples below (from another Time Bank), Requests and Offers are all over the place and communicated in many different ways.


  • Fix Blinker - The left front blinker of my car does not work. I tried replacing the bulb, but that didn't work. I need help from someone who knows a little bit more about car electrical systems than me (which won’t be hard). I will buy any parts needed.
  • Hair Cut for Female - I need a haircut! I have mid-length hair and don’t need anything fancy - just want to add some shaping and layers.
  • Prepare Garden Site - Need someone to start from scratch to prepare a garden site. It is presently large hummocks and some wet places. It needs to be leveled and rototilled.
  • Dog Sitting - May need someone to care for our old sweet dog for one week - July 12-20th. She needs a pill in morning & night, plus a walk to mailbox. Loves riding in car. Can possibly stay in our home.
  • Need Help Moving Data to a New Computer - I got a new computer and need help download the files from the old and putting them on discs or an external hard drive.
  • A Freezer - We have a small stand up freezer and would like to exchange for fish or moose.
  • Need Power Washer - We need to borrow a power washer for an afternoon.
  • Water Delivery to Dry Cabin - I live out east end in a dry cabin without a car and would like to coordinate with someone to deliver 1-5 gallons of water at a time. I can provide containers. Time credits based on drive time and time to fill containers.
  • Hauling Wood - I need someone to help me haul wood to my home. I live 1/2 mile off the road and have a small tractor. I hurt my knee and need to get wood in before winter.
  • Carpool Help - I rely primarily on walking/biking to and from work/town however, sometimes in icky weather or when bringing groceries home, it would be nice to find a carpool. If you travel this route [describer] and would be willing to provide wheels on occasion just let me know.
  • Tile My Fireplace - I need a tile person to tile my fireplace and also my bathroom tile needs regrouting and I would like to tile my bathroom floor and kitchen floor retiled as well. If you know how to tile, I need you.
  • Community Sauna - I am searching for a community sauna to meet regularly. Sunday afternoons would be nice. I imagine finding a sweat-lodge/hot room (and cold rinse) where people can share in a potluck afterwards! If it doesn't exist, let’s build or start one.


  • Regular Cleaning - Once a Week - Would you consider yourself a good cleaner? Does it help you clear out your head and make you happy? We would love it if you would put your cleaning super powers to work here at the office of [our non-profit, service organizations]. We need someone who is willing to clean for about 1 hour a week to keep our building fresh and tidy.
  • Flower Bed Help - We need help with shoveling and building some new beds. No experience necessary. Upper body strength helpful. Kids welcome.
  • Double up your Dump Run - Heading up to the dump? Can you take a few bags up for us? Before you head up, stop by to see if we have any trash or recycling. Add it to your load and record your time.


  • Light Auto Maintenance - Punctured tires, oil/filter, batteries, hoses/belts, brakes, spark plugs.
  • Garden Tilling - I will tractor till gardens.
  • Dog Walking - Worked for a dog daycare for many years, love dogs! Can come by your house, leash up your dog(s) and take them for a walk. ½ or 1 hr.
  • Health food info with quick recipes - I am passionate about food and love sharing info on budget and quick, easy recipes. About an hour a week.
  • Farm Help - Garden work is my favorite but can also do basic carpentry, painting, groom the horses, milk the goats, and feed the chickens.
  • Paralegal Services - I have a juris doctorate in law but I am not a practicing attorney. I can offer legal research services and help you organize your information and issues so that you can pass your work product along to a practicing lawyer thus saving time and money.
  • Artist Model - I can pose for artists - clothing preferred.
  • Guitar and Mandolin Lessons - I am happy to work with people at almost any level, and any age. Can help with basic mechanics, practical theory, scales and modes, constructing and altering chords, etc.
  • Help with Paperwork/Applications/Resumes/Medicare/Social Security - I can help you get organized with your paperwork, bill paying, going over the hurdles for Medicare/ Medicaid, applying for Social Security Disability.
  • Hawaii! - I've lived there about 2 yrs, can perhaps answer questions, help you arrange trip-on the Big Island of Hawaii (Hilo side). If you dream of taking a break from winter temps here and relaxing in the sun and surf, swimming with the colorful fishies and giant sea turtles, I can answer a lot of your questions on planning a trip there.
  • Values Clarification - Help identify core values, whether or not living by them, and discuss how to get along with others who live their lives with different values.
  • Advertising and Design - Photo work (Adobe Photoshop), restoring old photos and documents, make logos, (Adobe Indesign) and layouts, web sites, format and typeset printed material, brochures, advertisements or books.
  • Wheatgrass - I am growing and jucing wheatgrass for my health and would love to share my grass and knowledge. I can grow trays for you or juice some up to put in your freezer


What can I offer?

This is only limited by your imagination! TimeBanking works best when you offer services you enjoy and are good at. Sometimes we don't realise how valuable our skills are. You can offer any skill or "talent."  If you are offering a skill that is what you do for your taxable income, please discuss this with a coordinator first.

Some of the skills we've seen shared are:

  • cooking, preserving, baking
  • sewing, knitting
  • gardening and pruning
  • child minding
  • dog sitting & walking
  • odd jobs
  • painting
  • working bees
  • wood stacking
  • computer help
  • music, art, ESOL/foreign language lessons
  • marketing advice
  • basic accounting help
  • listening, companionship
  • spread sheeting, proofreading
  • knife sharpening
  • rides for shopping and appointments
  • home help, help during illness, motherhood support
  • preparing a meal from your leftovers and spending time with you during the meal
  • photography
  • meditation, yoga
  • graphic design
  • cleaning, window washing
  • building
  • use of trailer
  • bicycle maintenance and much more!