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TimeBank Indianapolis

Thank you to our Organizational Partners and Strategic Partners

Organizational Partners

The following organizations have joined our community Time Bank as Partners, helping Indianapolis to value time equally and increase access to wealth and community.

  • Midwest Consulting Services LLC
  • Keystone Pledge of Resistance
  • Food Not Bombs Indianapolis
  • Indy Art | Media Co-op
  • Keystone-Monon Community Garden
  • Midtown Vineyard Church
  • James A Garfield School 31
  • Phoenix Urban Farms
  • ABT Partners
  • Northwood Christian Church
  • The Damien Center
  • UIndy PsyD Program Cohort 

Each of these Organization have a membership account in our Timebank, with their own own Timebank, profile, list of talents, etc.  This allows Individual Members to provide services to or volunteer with these Organization Members in exchange for TimeCredits.  Individual Members can also "donate" hours from their Timebank account to these Organizations, to help with special projects, etc.

Also, we have added these Organizations as "Affiliations," which is a drop down list assignable to anyone's profile - like neighborhood, or county, or city.  So, if you are a part of one of these organizations and want to visibly show your affiliation with them through our TimeBank, simply add this Affiliation to your member profile!  

On the Menu Bar and click on your Name (Profile). Then select Connections, Edit Connections and you'll see them listed!



Strategic Partners

We also welcome organizations to join our Time Bank as Strategic Partners, based on their mission and/or shared values.