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TimeBank Indianapolis

How Organizations are using TimeBanking!

Does Your Organization Need Volunteers? Do you need a Way to Thank Existing Volunteers?

We can help! (Here is a flyer version of the following information, which is easier to share with others in your organization -


TimeBank Indianapolis provides a mechanism for organizations in need of assistance to connect with people who can provide it.

TimeBanking has helped organizations like yours to:

  •   transport clients
  •   design promotional materials
  •   man phone-a-thon phones
  •   clean, paint and repair facilities
  •   provide companionship to clients
  •   help clients around the house
  •   landscape and maintain building grounds
  •   answer phones or do other office work
  •   organize and staff events
  •   prepare meals for local schools
  •   tutor young people
  •   fill vacant seats at performances

By using a TimeBank, organizations have been able to:

  •   connect with the community
  •   save money
  •   access a diverse database of helpers
  •   meet goals more readily
  •   reduce work load for staff
  •   engage clients in their program outcomes

Our TimeBank, established in June 2015, is rapidly catching on here in Indy. We’re drawing on the experience of many successful TimeBanks around the country. Our TimeBank catalogs individuals’ and organizations’ strengths, skills, and willingness to help others, and connects these organizations & individuals to help meet their respective needs.

Participants receive TimeCredits for their service. Any member who helps another member earns one TimeCredit per hour, which can then be spent on needed services from individuals or organizations in the network. Every member's time is equal and there is no monetary equivalent is associated with TimeCredits. 

We’ll help your organization be creative in earning TimeCredits, and organizations can spend TimeCredits before they start earning them.  It’s common for TimeBank participants to fluctuate between positive and negative time credit balances.

We also have a Partner structure for organizations. You can enjoy many benefits for a small annual donation, based on your operational budget. One benefit is an initial credit of 100 TimeBank hours, with the opportunity to purchase additional blocks of hours.

Joining is easy! To learn more, visit or contact Constance Anderson at 317-572-8065.


What are others saying?

Here’s what other organizations have to say about TimeBanks

(quotes are from other cities who are using this alternative currency with great successJ 

“Joining the TimeBank has been great for my organization! We were able to save $300 by using a TimeBank member to do our annual financial audit. We also plan on using the TimeBank to run the Northside Farmers Market. To earn TimeCredits, we will encourage NCC participants to provide TimeBank services on behalf of the Northside Farmers Market.”

- Lisa Wiese, Board President, Northside Community Coop


“We are a non-profit organization that recently moved - a very costly endeavor.  Our participation in the Dane County TimeBank was invaluable when they helped us connect with an off-season construction worker. In the time our staff put together one build-your-own desk, she put together four! Then, she proceeded to hang items, measure for blinds and even determined safety issues around hanging heavy cabinets in our childcare room. With none of these skills among our staff, we couldn’t have done this move without the help of this TimeBank member.”

- Erin Thornley, Executive Director, Parental Stress Center


“The Lindbergh PTA joined the TimeBank to bring more community resources into our school including help in classrooms, in the lunchroom, on the playground, with tutoring, and with PTA events and activities. To earn TimeCredits, we hope to offer occasional after-school classes, workshops and performances, in which people attending would have the option of paying us with TimeCredits. We also hope that teachers and students will work together to raise TimeCredits for their classrooms. Through community service activities, they might volunteer for local nonprofit organizations, or do services for individual TimeBank participants in the neighborhood.”

- Clare Norell, Lindbergh PTA TimeBank Coordinator


“TimeBanking is an important tool for the Northside Planning Council, especially in engaging a broader cross-section of Northside residents in issues that are important to the community. TimeBank participants provide child care at our community events, we offer TimeCredits for involvement with committees and task forces, and we plan on asking TimeBank participants with web design experience to help us develop Northside Online, our website. We’ve earned TimeCredits by requesting donations of TimeCredits from TimeBank participants who attend NPC-sponsored public forums. We’ll also earn Time Credits by offering our support and training for meeting facilitation and neighborhood association revitalization.”

- Abha Thakkar, Associate Facilitator, Northside Planning Council