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TimeBank Indianapolis

Apply for membership in TimeBank Indianapolis

Participation Requirements


When you click to JOIN/SIGN UP (from




  • Participation in Time Bank Indy is open to all residents in the greater Indianapolis area, which includes Marion County, adjoining towns and neighborhoods.
  • Individuals must be 13 years or older, although children younger than 13 may work and participate through a parent’s account and under their supervision.


  • Participation in Time Bank Indy is open to all community and faith based organizations in the greater Indianapolis area, which includes Marion County, adjoining towns and neighborhoods
  • We prefer organizations who are either a:
    • Nonprofit organization, which includes public benefit, mutual benefit and religious corporations
    • Co-operative organization
  • Organizations will have at least one designated, trained representative who is 13 years or older



Individuals or Organization Representative(s) will be required to:

  • Establish an account with a profile in the Time Bank system;
  • Attend an orientation (*)
  • Complete and sign a paper application (*)
  • Agree to the Terms of Service

(*) As we are still forming all of our materials and supporting roles, we will gather this information at an orientation session.

As you're able, please feel free to attend any of our working group meetings.  See our Facebook page for more details on when and where these meet.



All participants will be given a copy of our Handbook during their Orientation. They will be expected to comply with any Company guidelines or policies included or referenced in the Handbook. They will be expected to understand and support our vision and mission, though Neighborhoods or Organizations may adopt or build upon and tailor to their particular needs and intentions.

All participants are enouraged to participate in events and projects sponsored by Time Bank Indianapolis and are invited to attend any regular Board meetings.

Any participant in Time Bank Indianapolis is eligible to participate on any committee, or be considered for election to the Board of Directors or Board of Advisors. Participants can bring proposals to the Board for action or decisions relating to the mission or business operations of the Corporation. The board encourages proposals or suggestions from any participant on how to connect with other allies or organizations.

Note: Central Indiana Community Time Bank and Time Bank Indianapolis are used interchangeably, as we are in launch / formation mode.



Dues are not required to participate in our operations, though tax-deductible donations may be made at any time via our website



We invite organizations to participate at an Organizational Partner level by making an annual donation based on their annual operational budget, although any Organization will be able to participate regardless of whether they make an annual donation.

Operating Budget(*)            Annual Donation

Less than $ 250,000                     $50

$250,000 to $499,999                   $100

$500,000 to $999,999                   $175

$1 million to $4,999,999                $250

$5 million to $9,999,999                $500

$10 million or greater                    $1,000

(*) For National Charities with local chapters, the Operating Budget of the local chapter can be used if appropriate to the Organization’s financial operations.


As an Organizational Partner, Organizations that make an annual contribution will receive the following additional benefits:

  • Credit of 100 Time Bank hours to your account for noncommercial use to support community projects or to reward volunteers for their time
  • The possibility of acquiring additional blocks of Time Bank hours for noncommercial use to support community projects or to reward volunteers for their time
  • Listing as Partners on our website and promotional materials
  • Inclusion in the configuration lists of the Time Bank software as“Affiliations” and/or “Communities” to allow participants to designate a relationship on their profile and/or use when filtering for service offerings, requests, projects, etc.
  • Discounts on bulk purchases or the ability to access electronic versions of Time Bank marketing materials to promote use of the Time Bank for yourorganization
  • Access to download educational resources (handbooks, orientation materials, etc.)  [*to be developed]
  • Access to training for Coordinator positions in support of your use of the Time Bank
  • Ability to participate in an Advisory Steering Team, which will provide guidance on future features and uses of the Time Bank for Indianapolis and local organizations
  • Other benefits as agreed to by the Board of Directors from time to time, including other discounts or promotions, participation in events, etc. 

Organizational Partners are strongly encouraged to nominate their own Member Support Coordinator role, particularly if the intent is to utilize the Time Bank to support the ongoing volunteer activities of the Organization. [*to be developed]



We also invite organizations to become a Strategic Partner with Time Bank Indy, based on your mission, shared values or other reasons designated by your governing body

Along with an Annual Donation and the benefits mentioned for Organizational Partners, a Strategic Partner and Time Bank Indy will grant each other reciprocal representation on each other’s governing body.  Time Bank Indy will reserve one (1) position on our Board of Directors for each Strategic Partnership

Our Board of Directors will approve all requests for Strategic Partnerships